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It is an undeniable fact that progress is impossible without education. Detail...

Topic of the Week

Need of Unity for Muslim Ummah. Detail...

Societies and Clubs

Besides curricular activities co-curricular activities are also essential for the cognitive development of the students. Societies and clubs have been organized. Detail...

Views of the Students

Students are observing closely everything around them and reflect and make their views about. Detail...



Past memories of the adventurous events is the greatest treasury of all. Detail...

Excursion and Tour

Besides formal education excursion and tours are the best sources of informal education. Detail...

Global Issue

Main points of report
by chief UN inspectors at Iraq.

Something Useful

Life-counting and finding birth-day is as easy as... Detail...

Notice Board

Academic Calendar for the year 2003
Daily Routine Programme w.e.f 18-03-2003


Academic Staff of BRC

Local News By
Guldar Ali Khan



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